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Shades of Red 12

Culture Pop

Shades of Red 12

$ 21.60

A curated set of 12 packs of Culture Pop quilling paper. Individual colors to be included are listed below.

Line: Culture Pop
Colors: Red Hot Betty, Infra Red, Traverse City Cherry, Rusted Roof, Bada Bing Cherry, Candied Cranberries, Brandywine, Ruddy Garnet, Speeding Ticket, Hot To Trot, Thirsty Primrose, Rooster's Crow
Color hue: Shades Of Red
Item # Shades Of Red
Length: 17"
Strips per pack: 50 (600 Total)
Custom sizing available: Yes
Uses: Quilling, Origami Stars, Weaving

Culture Pop is line of premium quilling paper strips that are vibrant and a thrill to use in all quilling and paper projects. Strips cut from the Culture Pop line are of the highest quality and highly recommended for making quilled jewelry and fine art. This line is available in many pre cut widths for all your paper crafting needs.

Culture Pop paper strips are bound on both ends to help keep the strips tidy and are packaged in a reusable zippered bag for easy storage and organization.

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