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2020 New Culture Pop Colors - 25

Little Circles

2020 New Culture Pop Colors - 25

$ 46.25

25 New Culture Pop colors for 2020! The purchase of this listing includes one package of 50 strips in each of the 25 new Culture Pop Colors:

Paper Mache, Milk Toast, Whacky Khaki, Otter Nonsense, Bittersweet Bonbon, Buttered Popcorn, Polished Penny, Mauvie Magic, Peachy Keen, Cantaloupe Disco, Bless Your Heart, Tip of my Tongue, Purple Reign, Pulled Out a Plum, Velvet Grapes, Burst My Bubble, Forget Me Not, Pool Party, Midnight at the Oasis, Stone Cold, Wet Wool, Heavy Metal, Turquoise Poise, Peacock Plume, and Sea Salt.


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