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“You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.” – Maya Angelou

At Little Circles, we are all about sharing our love and passion for paper quilling, our love of technical skill & design and our love of making beautiful things with our hands. We believe that creativity is a gift that comes through us, but is not inherently ours alone for the taking and should be shared and expanded upon to encourage further ingenuity in the craft and allowance for all quillers to prosper both creatively speaking and financially.

We believe that by sharing what we make freely, we will attract more makers to learn the the art of paper quilling, encourage the creative juices to flow within the quilling community at large and play our small part in a movement to open source ideas and create a network of generous, authentic, transparent, and collaborative makers who believe the more we give, the more we grow.

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Little Circles welcomes makers to use our copyrighted designs that are marked with the Open Source Craft logo in production of their own handcrafted work for personal use and in projects that are intended to be offered for sale. The Open Source Craft logo indicates that a shared project’s design is available for use under a limited license from Little Circles under the following restrictions that are in place to protect us and our art:

  1. The Open Source Craft logo must be present on the image of the design you intend to use on the Little Circles website and acknowledged in the written instructions to qualify under the Little Circles Angel Policy. All other images and written instructions without the logo represent copyrighted designs and are fully protected under the law and are intended for personal use only and cannot be sold under any circumstance. As the maker of any open source craft, you assume full responsibility to understand and adhere to the current policy and ensure that project continues to qualify for the limited license as the policy may be updated, changed, and/or revoked at any time.
  2. Open source craft designs created for sale must be made by the selling artist personally and individually and may not be reproduced using any other means or help. Mass production, production by workers for hire, syndication of craftwork for sale, or assembly-line construction is strictly prohibited.
  3. There are no limits as to how many items may be made by hand and sold in whatever market from Little Circles Open Source designs as long as all provisions of this policy are followed and adhered to.
  4. Little Circles Open Source Craft designs may be used personally by the crafter and may not be used, in part or whole, with the expressed purpose of being reused by a third party. No kits may be sold using any Little Circles design, images, or instructions or to accompany any of our projects. This limited license covers the physical paper craft only.
  5. Little Circles Angel Policy grants a limited license to reproduce physical paper craft designs for sale or personal use only. No digital images of any design may be used in or on any item offered for sale. All Little Circles images and intellectual concepts and designs are protected by copyright and may not be used without written permission.
  6. We welcome you to borrow and use any image on our website for use on blogs and websites with the provision that they are properly attributed to and linked back the the original source.
  7. Completed handmade projects may be used in competitive and non-competitive permanent retail locations, temporary craft events and festivals, community fundraisers, and over the Internet. Attribution is not needed on any individual item, however the artist may not claim the design as their own at any time. This may prohibit the sale or use of our designs in specific situations and functions according to submission guidelines. The selling artist is responsible for educating themselves on individual policies.
  8. The selling artist is welcome to attribute a finished physically handcrafted design to Little Circles, however no logo may be used for the sole purpose of selling or promoting any item. All digital images of Little Circles designs must be attributed and linked to in the spirit of sharing and promoting open sourced designs.
  9. Digital files or images of any Little Circles project, design or instructions may not be sold under any circumstance.
  10. You may not use Little Circles designs or images for the purpose of creating logos or company trademarks.
  11. Little Circles Open Source Craft designs may be used and taught in classes and workshops under the provisions that the written instructions are offered freely (not sold to the student) and that written attribution to the original designer is given and the Little Circles website is provided in writing for each student for additional resources. If you would like a printable PDF file of any Open Source Craft design on the Little Circles website, you may submit a request to Please include the dates the project will be used, the location of the class and any other pertinent details of how the design will be used. If the request is honored, all pages of the PDF must be printed and included and each student must be provided with a copy to take home at no charge (beyond that of the class itself) to them.
  12. Persons creating hand-made paper craft works for sale are responsible for complying with any state and local business and tax regulations.
  13. Persons participating in this angel policy assume all liability for suitability of their work and agree to indemnify Little Circles and, its officers, employees, affiliates and licensors, and assigns from disputes arising from their work.
  14. Little Circles is a Michigan business. The laws of the State of Michigan govern the policy. The state and federal courts for Grand Traverse County, MI, will have exclusive jurisdiction over any proceeding arising from this policy. Any failure by Little Circles to enforce any of its rights will not constitute a waiver of such rights.
  15. Little Circles reserves the right to amend or cancel this policy at any time without notice.
  16. As the original designers of the Open Source Craft projects on this website, we ask that you help us share and promote our designs and mission. If you feel we add value and service to the quilling community, please consider helping us reach our goals of growth and generosity by sharing what we do with your networks, using our products when possible and contributing an Open Source Craft project of your own if you feel moved to do so.

If you have any questions about our angel policy, please email us at

Learn more about the Open Source Craft movement and how to create an angel policy of your own here:

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